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Enforcement Services


What Enforcement Actions can we take?

Malicious domain takedowns

Operators of domains which promote cloned versions of online gaming brands main products cause significant harm across the industry. Our takedown service aims to reduce the return on investment for attackers by removing such sites and blocking their infrastructure to limit the harm that these sites can cause.

Copyright Enforcement

We will work to enforce your trademark rights and save the goodwill of your brand online. As trademark is an exclusive right, by enforcing those rights you can stop others from using your mark. Your brand value will be protected and others will not be allowed to benefit / damage your business by using your brand.

Trademark Enforcement

We will take action to enforcement you copyright and block the access to the infringements, thus preventing rogue actors from gaining benefit from the infringing content.

IP related Litigation support

Our team of specilaised investigators can collect, analyze and present a wide variety of forms of evidence to deliver case-changing insights in IP related litigation, arbitration or disputes.

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